Secure yourself before going to a Hotspot or public WiFi

There are many how-to's on how to secure your computer prior to going to a public wifi or hotspot.  I recommend that you follow most of these guides. They are basic computer security concepts that people should follow.

Have a firewall, up to date antivirus, turn of network shares, don't trust the network you are on.   If you are security conscious these are all things you probably know.   However, to many users they have don't know where to start when people mention these things.    Some items, like a firewall are difficult for non-technical people to install, maintain, or understand.    In recent years computer operating systems have done a better job of adding these features into the machine, however that is not always enough to secure your computer.

Overall when using a public Wifi or hotspot you should use a VPN to secure your traffic and make sure that people can't see your data or view what you are doing.   Do a free trial of wifi-vpn or order today.

Here are a few good tips for securiing your PC. Note that they recommend a VPN (we like to recommend

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How to secure you connection before hitting starbucks:


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